what I do

Whether you are planning a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, bar/bat mitzvah party, a corporate event, or a casual affair, I can help you incorporate your personality throughout the event—from the biggest to smallest details. Working together we can create the perfect party.

Some of the elements I can design for you include:

• Theme creation and exploration
• Personal custom centerpiece and decorations
• Graphic elements including invitations, escort cards, directional signs, signature boards
• Party favors or goodie bags
• Themed activities and craft kits

For an extra personal touch, schedule a pre-party crafting session.
Perfect for a bridal shower or as a way to incorporate a mitzvah project into the event decor.

All services come with an eco-friendly option, when possible, using recycled or recyclable materials.

have you seen my work?

Artistic personalized invitations, programs, centerpieces and other thematic materials for your celebration.

project Chef

chef theme centerpiece

Designed with recycled and donated materials, there will be no waste. Recycle and donate these centerpieces at the end of the night.

Vermont Wedding Logo

Rustic Vermont Wedding Logo design

The couple was married in Stowe, Vermont and wanted a logo that reflected the location of the wedding. Logo was used for party favors, program, and prayer books. Photos by Lynne Reznick Photography.

project Flower

recycled flowers

Made from recycled materials, you won't miss the flowers. They won't fade, so you can save them forever, or just put them in the recycling bin.

project 1

minecraft centerpiece

Completely recylclable Minecraft centerpiece made from paper and cardboard.

project 2

Party Favor with Ski theme logo

Mugs full of hot chocolate made the perfect giveaway for this ski bar mitzvah.

project 2

peter pan flying over london

Silhouttes of Peter and Wendy fly over London on their way to Neverland. Made from reused vases and lit with flickering LED candles. This centerpiece would work well with a vintage broadway theme party in combination with other musicals.

project 3

boston T party

This 4 year old loves Boston and transportation, so I created a Boston Transportation themed birthday party complete with T cars he and his friends could ride in and his own personalized CharlieCards. All activities were centered around a stop on the T: fish bowl sticker craft at Aquarium, make your own Make Way for Ducklings out of playdough at the public garden, and foam airplanes to assemble at the airport.

project 4

blast off to a space party!

The birthday boy's favorite book is Mousetronaut Goes to Mars, so I created a space theme party for him. The birthday boy and his brother had personalized space suits, and I made one for their little bear. There were space shuttles for them to ride in, flying saucer and rocket crafts, and of course we read Mousetronaut Goes to Mars.

project 5

overseas romance

A wedding invitation designed for a couple who spent most of their relationship traveling overseas to spend time together. They requested an airplane theme for the invitation.

project 6

travel to paris

The silhouette of the paris skyline is backlit by a flickering LED next to the Eiffel Tower. This centerpiece could work for a romantic Paris theme wedding, or a travel adventure theme party together with silhouttes of other cities.

project 7

sinatra singalong invitation

I used a Sinatra album cover as my inspitation for this invitation. The invite was mailed with a CD of Sinatra tunes so the guests could practice before the party.

Science Bar Mtizvah Logo

Science Bar Mitzvah Logo

Custom Logo for a science theme party including his own Be3N2 element. The logo was included in the digital invitation, and printed on kippot, prayerbooks, waterbottles, and candy packaged in test tubes.

project 9

forest friends 6th birthday party

My goal was to create a perfect forest using recycled materials. I collected materials from around the house; the acorns went into glass jars and vases that I had collected in my studio with some leaves, pinecones, and branches. They were joined by little friends from our toy box. The guests made adorable pom pom bears, birds, bugs, trees, and caves.

For my blog post on planning the party, click here.

project 9

race car 4th birthday party

This little boy LOVES race cars. We started with some cardboard cars to play in and moved on to decorating their own race cars made from recycled materials. A few story books and some cake later we had a bunch of happy preschoolers.

For more details click here.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Logos

Logos for Bar or Bat Mitzvahs

Custom designed logos to reflect the personality and theme celebrating your bar or bat mitzvah.

project 9

master chef ben

Invitation for a chef theme invitation.

Pokemon Invite

Pokemon Invite

Inspired by a Pikachu pokeball. I can create any character you would like.

  • chef theme party

    cooking theme centerpiece

  • chef theme party

    chef theme invitation

  • recycled flowers

    recycled flowers centerpiece

  • project 2

    peter pan centerpiece

  • project 3

    boston T party

  • project 4

    space shuttle party

  • project 5

    overseas romance

  • Race Car Party

    race car

  • project 6

    a night in paris

  • project 7

    sinatra singalong

  • minecraft centerpiece

    minecraft centerpiece

who am i?

I wear a lot of hats. I am a brainstormer, a sculptor, and a graphic designer. Combined I am a party decorator.

team 1


Let's sit down and talk about how to work your personality into the details of your event.

team 1


I love to build centerpieces.

team 1

Graphic Designer

Need an invitation, program, or sign for your event? I can help you out.

about me

I am an invitation designer, centerpiece fabricator, crafter & party fanatic working with you to bring it all together to create your perfect event.

I have an MFA from UPenn and over 10 years of graphic design experience. I bring these unique skills to every job that I do.

I am located in the Boston area, and would love to help you make your special occasion a one-of-a-kind event everyone will be talking about!

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I can work within your budget and timeframe. Contact me to start brainstorming ideas for your event today!

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